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SPECTRxIM™ is a new way of looking at Hemp Seed Oil use.

* Hemp Seed Oil is cold pressed, then bottled and packaged.

* Within this pressed procedure a small amount of gummy residue is sill present.

* This is HEALTHY if your are drinking it or placing in a drink or in food. 

* SPECTRxIM™ is specifically for use on your face.

* Especially under your eyes and cheeks.

* The specific purpose of SPECTRxIM™ is to help lubricate

the skin better and therefore reduce dry skin and wrinkles.  


This specifically removes all of the small residue particles.

Thereby leaving the perfect Hemp Seed Oil

with the HIGHEST skin penetration factor. 


SPECTRxIM™ is sold as KIT.

Included are:

> (1) one 2.7 oz storage bottle containing SPECTRxIM™ FILTERED Hemp Seed Oil

> (1) one 1/2 oz eye drop squeeze bottle

The cost is $19.99 + $5.99 S & H

The SPECTRxIMHemp Seed Oil filtering system is USA "Patent Pending"


* Turn and remove the protective cap from the eye drop storage bottle.

* Remove the TIP from the bottle.

* Press the TIP sideways and lift out of the hole in the top of the bottle 

* Pour a small amount (1/2 oz max) into the eye drop squeeze bottle.

* Press the TIP back into place.

* Squeeze a small amount onto the ends of your fingers and massage into 

you skin under the eyes and cheeks.

* Replace the twist cap. 

This procedure is best after showering and especially just before you go to bed.

I personally have been using this method for years. After showering,

while sitting on a computer and before I go to bed.

It works!



John D. Blue @ CannaBizInc@yahoo.com



(813) 838-6437

705 N. State St. #420

Ukiah, CA 95482



The QUOTES below were taken from Goggle researching.


Hemp Seed Oil easily penetrates the skin's outer layer and is highly emollient, meaning your skin

 will absorb the oil easily without feeling like you have a layer of grease on your skin.

* Attracts moisture: "It is also a humectant, so it draws moisture to the skin.

Hemp Seed Oil is rich in fatty acids, which help hydrate and soothe inflamed skin.

* Because 
Hemp Seed Oil has so many nourishing properties and does NOT clog your pores, you can safely leave Hemp Seed Oil on your skin overnight.

* In addition to moisturizing and soothing the skin, hemp oil has anti-aging properties. 

* Hemp Seed Oil can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as

prevent signs of aging from developing.


* One of the hemp seed's benefits is that it naturally contains a tremendous amount of vitamin E.

This is more than and other kind of seed or nut. Vitamin E is also known as tocopherol and is antioxidant.

* Hemp Seed Oil has an SPF rating rating of 6. Because the plant is capable of developing its own UVR protection its extracts form a natural protection from the sun. Hemp Seed Oil assists with cell repair.

It helps to heal damaged skin and is an excellent emollient for DRY SKIN.

* Hemp Seed Oil contains the anti-inflammatory gamma linoleic acid (GLA) as well as omega-9.

Its fatty acid profile is better than fish oil's, better than flax seed oil's.

IT IS THE BEST. Hemp seed oil is extremely non-comodogenic. 

In other words, it DOES NOT CLOG pores.

* Hemp seeds and Hemp Seed Oil benefit skin disorders. Fatty acids affect immune responses in your body. Studies suggest that your immune system depends on the balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Hemp Seed Oil is s great source of polyunsaturated and essential fatty acids.

* Since Hemp Seed Oil is a "DRY" oil with its light and thin consistency, it helps TIGHTEN, TONE

and FIRM SKIN. Its astringent properties help minimize large pores that secrete excess

sebrum which causes greasy skin, blackheads and pimples.

If you have large pores, using hemp seed oil can help shrink and tighten them.

* Hemp Seed Oil is often used as a moisturizer for the skin, and for good reason. Studies have indicated

that hemp seed oil can dramatically decrease skin dryness to alleviate itching and irritation. Moreover, the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties protect against the aging process while soothing the skin.


For further information please contact

John D. Blue @ (813) 838-6437

or CannaBizInc@yahoo.com

© 2020-2021 Copyrights John D. Blue

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