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CBDRx® is a Federal registered Trademark

See the Registration Certificate below ↓

​   CBDRx®

Hemp Oil Products

Is a REGISTERED Federal Trademark in Class #05for:

Dietary & Nutritional Supplements containing CBD derived from Industrial Hemp. 

Registration #5,269,540. See the Federal registration certificate below

​​CBDRx® is a Federal registered Service Mark

See the Registration Certificate below ↓

Hi, my name is John D. Blue. ​I am a Hemp Product "Licensor" and "Consultant".

I will license you the use of my Pending & Registered Hemp Brand Names. 
Become a State "Licensee" for the retail, or wholesale, sales use any of my Hemp Oil Brand names.
Once licensed, you can use my brand name to manufacture, label, package and sell in your selected State(s)
You will pay CannaBiz®, Inc. a small monthly flat fee; with NO sales royalties.​

For further information and a FREE mailed sample, like in the picture below, please contact: 

John D. Blue @ cannabizinc@yahoo.com or (813) 838-6437

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