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Welcome to


​​VapingKiosks™ is a Federal Pending Service Mark Serial #97791065.
​​The VapingKiosks™ unique vending system is: "Patent Pending"​
For consulting services, namely POS (Point of Sale) Kiosks which sell
E-cigarettes and Vaping products in combination with full service on-line

website sales. The kiosks are placed in high traffic areas and sell a full E-cigarettes and Vaping products from kiosk vending machines placed in indoor shopping malls or any place of retail business, work or education facilities. The VapingKiosks™, and the full line of consumer products therein, will only be placed and comply with the Federal CSA (Controlled Substance Act) State and Federal Industrial CBD and Hemp lawful policies. VapingKiosks™ all have

a tap touchscreen that display all of the product information and educational content in the form of pictures and short videos that helps engage and retain 

the consumer’s attention. ​​Examples of the full line of consumer Vaping

products that will be sold in VapingKiosks™ are: Vaping Devices: Cig-A-Likes; Vape Pens; Mods and Pod Mods; E-cigarettes and hookahs. Pre-filled cartridges or pods. Rechargeable and Disposable E-cigarettes; Tank Systems, Vape Pens,

E-liquids and E-juices. The VapingKiosks™ will use the standard POS (point of sale) transaction method of credit and debit cards along with a “PATENT PENDING”  optional, free, special pre-loadable debit card that works in conjunction with a specially designed scratch-off card which gives the

consumer an instant onetime 10% to 25% product purchase discount

by using that card one time, per sales transaction.  
John D. Blue / Consultant
For further information about my VapingKiosks™ please contact me at:
johndblue@yahoo.com / (813) 838-6437 (Tampa, FL)
705 N. State St. #420
Ukiah, CA 95482
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