The Gator Pond

​The ChuckIt® I Hit the Gator on the HEAD with.

1st day after the Gator attack. Still very stressed.

A few minutes later I went back through the bushes, to the pond, looking to see if the Gator was still there. 
As seen in the pictures below the Gator was coming back for a second try! You can see the Gator's head in the upper left hand side @ about 10 o'clock. 



I've ever had

was having my JJ back.


Dad's here to always protect you.

Your mother, JILLY, is watching over both of us.

I gave JJ "benadryl" for the next 2 days

to take the swelling down.

25 mg's x 4 a day.

I did the same for the Foxtails and the Gator attack.

4th day after the Gator attack. Great to be back, DAD.

2nd day after the Gator attack. Looking better.

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My Golden Retriever was attacked by a Gator. 
The following details are exactly what happened.
​* My name is John D. Blue, age 74.
* My female Golden's name is JJ, age 7 years 9 months..
* It happened in Tampa, Florida at Bruce B. Downs & I-75. 
* Behind the BJ, Bed Bath & Beyond, Staples & Pet Smart shopping complex.
* The date was Monday December the 19th, 2016.
* We were both behind the complex playing with her tennis ball & a Chuckit® ball thrower.
* She went into the bushes. I waited for her to come out.
* All of a sudden I heard a muffled noise that sounded like her barking.
* I rushed over and through the bushes.
* A Gator attacked her, had her whole snout, and most of her head, in it's mouth.
* Without any hesitation I rushed into 3 inches of mud and water. Grabbed JJ by the tail, with my RIGHT hand, then I smacked the Gator, real hard, on the head, between the eyes with the Chuckit® in my LEFT hand.  
* This all happened within 20 seconds!
* Instantly, the Gator released JJ's head and did a reverse into the water.
*  I stayed between the Gator and JJ while I made sure she was alright and walk her back 
onto the grassy area where we were playing fetch and return with her tennis ball.
* I made sure she was alright, as she was bringing up and foaming at the mouth.
* Then I went to my van and got my camera and took the pictures seen below. 
I also took several videos which I will post on YouTube. 
Looking back summary:
* That Gator had a solid grip on JJ's head and was determined to drag her into the water.
* She is a solid 60 pounds and was pulling back away from the Gator.  
All 4 paws were still solidly on the ground in the muddy water.​​​

3rd day after the Gator attack. I'm ready to play dad.

Remembering back when JJ got Foxtails  

in her front left paw in Ukiah, CA on 06/14/2010

Tribute to my beloved JJ

03/17/2009 → 11/19/2018

9 Years 8 Months & 2 Days

Remembering back when JJ got bitten by a Rattlesnake in Lake Mead Park, NV on 03/05/2013.