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This entire website is copyrighted ​© 2008-2021 John D. Blue.​ 


CannaBiz®, Inc. is a Colorado Hemp Licensing Company.

I license the use of my Pending & Registered Hemp Brand Names. 

Become a State "Licensee" for the retail sales use any of my following Hemp Brand names:

CBDaRx™; CBD™; C*B*D™; KOSHERx™; Hooked on Hemp™;​ Hooked On CBD™; CBDWateRx™; CBDaWateRx™; Hemp Sucker™; ORxGANIC™; WATERx™;

HEMP™; CBDa™; SPECTRxUM™; HiCBD™;  Hi Hemp™; VAPERx™;

CBDpopcorn™; HempPopcorn™; Hemp*Pizza™; vipCBD™ & vipHemp™.


​Each of the above listed Trademark are Federal pending trademarks in Class #05.

Becoming a Licensee for use of any of my above Brand Names is easy.

Once licensed, you can manufacture, label, package and sell in your selected State(s)

for a small flat monthly fee; with NO royalties.


John D. Blue, the creator & owner of CannaBiz.Biz.

I'm the one on the RIGHT!

CannaBiz®, Inc. has Licensed Product Distributors in

California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado,

Florida, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan and Illinois.

For my current Licensee H≡MP® prices &

further information about my H≡MP® consulting services

please contact: ​John D. Blue

@ (813) 838-6437 / CannaBizInc@yahoo.com