​​​The pictures below are from the THC Expo in

April of 2010 at the LA Convention Center

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Consulting & Education services.

Providing *FREE* ONE-ON-ONE Hempinar®'s in the

field of the Health benefits of Hemp to companies and individuals.
Please contact John D. Blue anytime for your ONE-ON-ONE

@ (813) 838-6437 or CannaBizInc@yahoo.com


 Business consulting services in the field of Medical Marijuana and industrial

hemp based products; bringing together, for the health benefits of others, industrial

hemp based products thereby enabling consumers to be aware, view and purchase the goods.


 Business consultation in the field of telling others how to

bring together a variety of industrial-hemp based goods

so as to enable their consumers to be aware of the health benefits

of such goods and to view and purchase such goods.​

Please contact me directly

@ CannaBizInc@yahoo.com / © 2013-2021