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Step #5: DRAG & DROP that piece into the

correct place. You have a 10 second time limit. 

As seen below.


Step #6:

If you fail within

the time limit,

the game has to be

started again.​

Step #1: Select one picture. As seen below


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Step #3: SCRAMBLE & FLIP the 

complete puzzle FACE DOWN.

As seen below. 


Step #4: TAP to FLIP any

one piece to FACE-UP.

​As seen below.


Step #2: CONVERT that picture into a 9 piece puzzle

As seen below


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Welcome to

​420Puzzles /aka/ 420Puzzler

420Puzzle.Com & 420Puzzles.Com

+ 420Smart.Games + 420Puzzler.Com

​420Puzzles™ are Marijuana themed Puzzle Games

Select a picture.

Convert into a 9 piece puzzle.

FLIP the complete puzzle up-side-down, so all 9 pieces are FACE-down.

You have 10 seconds to TOUCH-FLIP and PLACE any one piece over and place

that piece FACE-UP into its proper position in the blank square.

If you fail, the game will start all over again.

The complete 420Puzzles™ concept is "Patent Pending".

Playing puzzles develop memory skills, as well as an ability to plan,

test ideas and solve problems. While completing a puzzle, you need to remember shapes, colors, positions and strategies to complete them.


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