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Hi, my name is John D. Blue. ​​

I am a Hemp "Brand Name Licensor & Consultant".
License the use of my CBDwateRx™ 
brand name and manufacture,

label, package and sell in your selected State.
You pay CannaBiz®, Inc. a small monthly flat fee; with NO sales royalties.​

Below is a list of additional Federal registered & pending

Hemp related brand names I own and will licensing the use of:


CBDRx®; KOSHERx®; THC The Hemp Collection®;

From Plant To Patient®; From Seed To Sale®;

SPECTRIM™; H≡MP®; HempPopcorn®; Hempinar®;

HiHemp®; HookedOnHemp® and VapeRx®


 For further information about becoming a licensed dealer please contact

John D. Blue

​705 N. State St. #420

​Ukiah, CA 95482

(813) 838-6437 / CannaBizInc@yahoo.com


​The State and Federal CBD manufacturing and distribution rules have changed over the past few years. It will be the Licensee's responsibility

to adhere to these regulations as to the minimum legal amount of Industrial Hemp CBD that can be placed into the CBDwateRx™ drink.

Such as, no more than a trace amount of CBD in the goods of 

less than 50 parts per million. 

The licensee's label and advertising must show the

“milligram” amount of CBD, such as 0.25 mg.

As the consultant, and owner, of CBDwateRx™, I will work with you

on setting up all aspects of marketing and selling this brand name product.


  My Industrial Hemp CBDwateRx™ water is still for sale @ $4.99 per bottle.

The best value is a

24 pack + shipping.

The cost of manufacturing  has increased + I've had to decrease the amount of CBD due to the higher costs. For bulk or wholesale prices please contact me directly @ (813) 838-6437

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​CBDwaterRx™  is a Federal pending brand name, ​Serial #88204649.

​In class #32 for Bottled water containing CBD derived from industrial hemp.