How Industrial Hemp CBDaRx works

CBDaRx works on the same human systems in the same way as CBD. But, it has the added virtue of being "RAW" & "PURE". It is cleaner in the sense that there is NO combustion involved, NO solvents, and NO toxic residue!

CBDaRx Hemp Oil is raw and pure, with more effective properties than CBD! Cannabidiolic Acid, abbreviated CBDa, is the acid form of cannabidiol, abbreviated CBD and is naturally found in HEMP plants.

​CBDaRx Oil, raw and pure, has more effective qualities than CBD!

Healing properties of CBDaRx

Besides the well known and for the most part scientifically proven CBD benefits, it is believed, based on anecdotal evidence, that CBDaRx has the following healing properties:

* Anti-inflammatory

* Positive effect on seizures

* Antibiotic

* Antibacterial

​* Anti-proliferative, inhibits cell growth, especially on tumor cells.

 * Reduces nausea and vomiting 

* Anti-tumor


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